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A dumping ground for little Perl nuggets that I wrote to make my life a little easier. If you have any Perl scripts that you have found useful please email me a copy.

domainscan Used to find every available domain from Uses whois on to check. There has got to be a few left. If you wanted, it would be easy to scan for four letter domains as well. And in case you were wondering, there are no three letter domains available.
dshield2acl A program that uses the recommended block list from and the dshield top10 hosts to create a Cisco ACL. This is then used to do a Conf Net on a Cisco router. The ACL created should corresponds to a routemap to NULL.
ftprelay A little program intended to run in a loop or as a cron job which will move files from a local dir to a remote system. Was part of the secure ftp relay.
nmapcompare Compares the output of two nmap runs for changes from the baseline to the new scan. Does not look for hosts or ports going away, only new hosts/ports appearing.
Oracle - basicQ A simple CGI script to query an oracle database. Currently setup to use a syslog database but could be modified to handle any basic table.
Oracle - table monitor Monitors the rate at which new records are added to a table. Creates a simple rolling graph.
secureftprelay Encrypts outgoing files using GPG and decrypts files on the way back. Created as a proof of concept secure ftp relay for systems which could not be trusted to proprely encrypt their data. Requres GnuPG. Also requires the local private key to be saved on the local key ring without a password. Yes, this is not ideal. The system acting as the secure ftp relay would have to be a bastion host and remote users could not ftp directly to this box. That is what the simple ftp relay was for. It would recieve encrypted files from the remote host and send them to the bastion host running the secure ftp relay.
simplecheck Very simple disk space check for a Niksun NetVCR. If the recording vol is more that 98% full it sends an email with the output of a sh script. Not really very usefull but a great start for most cron based health checks.
webpost An app that creates a web photo album. It uses a HEAD and FOOT file that can be modified to adjust the look and feel of the album. If currently does not upload the files (I may add that later). Get the zip file with some very simple HEAD/FOOT files. The image manipulation is done with ImageMagick


Code authored by other people.

Barry Brown catalog.cgi A really good example of CGI built forms. Well documented.
Unknown wandelaycalc.xls Fantastic Spreadsheet that models the throughput of a network link based on window sizing and other variables